Body Parts Bar

Body-parts bar?  That sounds…YUMMY to your dog!

We offer a large variety of treats for your dog at our body parts bar, and RAW body parts bar.  Some are long lasting for even the toughest of chewers, others are delicious treats that pack nutritious benefits for your little wolf.

Is there a treat that your dog just LOVES?  We offer a ‘Barkers Dozen’ priced specifically for your dog’s favorite treat. *must be same item

Dog Food

We offer a variety of great dog foods, and can keep your dog’s food in stock even if we don’t keep it on the floor.  Ask us about keeping your dog’s food available at Just Dog People.  This is why ’Neighborhood’ Pet Stores are so special…we take care of our neighbors!

Need help choosing the right food?  Do you think your dog has ‘Allergies’ to what she’s eating?  Schedule a Food Consultation today.

Dog Treats

If you’ve never been to a dog-only pet store…you MUST come check out our treat selection!

We offer a variety of treats, hard, soft and moist, freeze-dried or raw, long lasting or short and tasty.  If you’re training with us next door at Barks and Recreation, we have a variety of low, medium and high-reward treats sure to get your dog motivated for training classes!

Health Supplements & Dental Treats

Health supplements and dental treats are available to keep your dog happy, healthy, and strong. Not sure what you’re looking for? Make sure to ask one of our friendly staff members for some expert advice!

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