Collars & Harnesses

Just Dog People has the largest selection of dog harnesses, collars and leashes in North Carolina!

Not all dogs are created the same.  Small or tall, chunky or slender, long-neck or no-neck…we have the collar for your dog. Allow our staff to custom fit your dog for his new harness.

Are you and your dog outdoorsy or a fashionista?  We’ve got you covered!  Are you like Katie and have 57 Up-Country collars for our 5 Shelties?  We understand your obsession, and we’ve got you covered!

Stop by Just Dog People to learn more about the variety of dog harnesses that we carry.


Since we’re a dog-specialty store, you’d expect to have a huge selection of dog toys in stock.  And you’re right!  From our wall of fuzzy, cuddly, squeaky toys, to our tough-chewer, long lasting toys, and even inter-active puzzle toys to keep your dog’s mind working (and his teeth off your shoes), we’ve got a huge selection of dog toys!

Travel Items

What’s a family trip without the family dog?

We carry a large selection of items to help your dog travel safely and in-style!  From anxiety supplements to help curb your dog’s hesitation to car rides, to safety belts, travel crates, collapsible bowls, and car seat covers…we have everything you need to help your fluff-nugget travel in style.

Dog People Gifts

Remember, we are a Dog Specialty Store for Dogs and Their People Too!

Looking for a great gift for the dog-lover in your life? Come check out our people gifts!

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