Specialty Services

Just Dog People is more than just your ordinary pet store. We are a specialty dog store committed to Superior Customer Experiences! Our experienced and educated staff are available to help with any and all dog needs, from a full-service dog wash to a one-on-one food consultation, and we can help with your dog’s obedience training too. We are here to help!

Continue reading below to learn more about our specialty services.

Drop-In Nail Clipping

Drop by anytime during store hours, and we’ll clip your dog’s nails for just $10. No appointment, and no requirement to get a full grooming!

Does my dog need a nail trim?
It’s not just for looks, or to protect your floors – long, unkempt nails can do serious damage to your dog. When nails grow so long that they constantly touch the ground, they exert force back into the nail bed, creating pain for the dog and pressure on the toe joint. Over time, this can actually realign the joints of the foreleg and make the foot looked flattened and splayed.

Most people hate cutting their dog’s nails– in fact, most refuse to do so. That leaves the usual options of a pricey veterinary or full grooming appointment, when your dog may only need a nail trim.

Does my dog need their nails clipped or ground?
We also do walk-in nail grinds as well.  What’s the difference?  Nail grinding often allows us to get the nails shorter than a typical nail clip, and we are also able to ‘round’ the nail as to ‘blunt’ the tip. This can help people with sensitive skin and hardwood floors too.

Not all dogs are candidates for nail grinding though. If your dog hates nail trims and has had bad experiences with nail clips before, a nail-grind MAY NOT be recommended for your dog.  Don’t worry, we will let you know.  We will never put a dog’s health (mental or physical) in danger to accomplish a nail grind, or clip for that matter.  Our JDP Ambassadors do more nail clips and grinds than anyone in the area, and are highly competent and honest. We’ll let you know how your dog performed during his/her Paw-ticure!

Easy Peasy Nail Trimming
At Just Dog People, we decided to make it easy – offering an easy, quick appointment for just $10! Bring your dog in anytime during store hours and ask one of our associates for a nail trimming, and we’ll trim your dog’s nails while you shop.

Psst — We’ve been known to clip cat, rabbit, and even guinea pig nails too!

Drop & Shop Bathing

No time to bathe your dog? Do you have more errands to run than time to accomplish them? Family coming to your house for the holidays? We’ve got you covered! We can have most dogs shampoo’d, brushed out, nails clipped, ears cleaned, anal glands expressed, and completely dried in about an hour.

All full service baths includes a mud-bath, shampoo, conditioner/treatment, blueberry facial, nail clip, anal expression, ear cleaning, blow-out and perfume/cologne of your choice.

Self Serve Dog Wash

Each Self-Serve Dog Wash station is equipped with:

  • An elevated tub
  • Bath-Master™ washing system
  • Choice of shampoo and conditioner
  • Apron for mom and dad to stay dry
  • Towels
  • Nail clippers
  • Brushes
  • *Drying room for long-hair dogs

For large dogs, each tub has a pullout ramp for easy access, and smaller dogs will benefit from the adjustable floor height. The Bath-Master™ washing system precisely dilutes shampoos and conditioners for fast, efficient bathing. A special non-recirculation system ensures fresh, clean water and product mixture every time!

The Precision pressure pattern nozzle is ideal for thorough washing and fast rinsing. Aprons are available to keep you dry, and additional brushes, towels and nail clippers are available for use as well. Not confident in cutting your dog’s nails? Don’t worry, we’re there to help, just ask!

Dog Food Consultation

Quick!  Look at the side of your dog’s bag of food. What is the carbohydrate % listed?  How about sugar?  (hmmm, why isn’t it listed?)

We changed our dog, Zoe’s, life through nutrition.  In fact, what we learned from Zoe’s experience was the push behind starting Just Dog People.

Zoe was on an expensive bag of Vet Rx food, steroids, antibiotics, and allergy meds for most of her first 6 years of life.  When Jason met Katie, he playfully called Zoe ’Stuffy’ (as in, Stuffed Animal).  Zoe would lay around the house all day (like a stuffed animal) and was lethargic.  She didn’t play often, and she just never acted like she felt well.

Upon researching dog nutrition, we swapped Zoe’s food to a diet with less carbs/sugars/additives and saw a huge difference in 30 days.  After 60 days, Zoe’s hair started growing back, her energy was on the rise, and her personality began to stand-out.  Seven years later, Zoe has been on zero (NONE) meds and at almost 14 years old, she plays with our youngest, Wren, and has a vibrant life.  All because we took the time to study her diet.

We’ve helped hundreds of dog owners with their dog’s nutritional needs, and we’d love to help you.  Schedule a consult with Jason today.

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